笃学奖 – Topic 3 – A16351 – 甘比精读

Day 8:

* issue a laugh 在字典里不曾查到固定的用法。

* conventional untility 这里utility公共事业

public/privatized utility

untility a.  e.g. an all-round utility player

* New vocabularies:

terbine 涡轮机

photovoltaic 光伏特的

biogas 沼气

grid (输电,输天然气的)管道网络

anathema 可憎的物

subsidy 补贴金

fossil 化石

pricey expensive

rebate 退还款,折扣 a tax rebate 退税

shale-gas 页岩气

indebted 感激的(be ~ to);负债的

intermittent 断断续续的,间歇的

doldrum 赤道无风带

diesel 柴油

think-tank 智库

incipient 最初的,早期的

dromedary 单峰驼

precipitous 陡峭的 precipitous cliff 骤然的 a precipitous decline

lucrative 赚大钱的,获利多之

upheaval 动荡

* again,名作动。之前有house, cloud, harbour,这次是blanket.

e.g. Snow soon blanketed the frozen ground.

* handsomely 慷慨地

e.g. Their bravery was handsomely rewarded.

* pocket

pocket n. = money

e.g. We have holidays to suit every pocket.

The foundation is reputed to have deep pockets.


e.g. There are still a few isolated pockets of resistance to the new
regime. (这个句子的句式也生有趣,跟a furiously motivated student by the
power of knowledge有异曲同工之好)

be in sb’s pocket 在某人之掌控之中

live/be in each other’s pockets 形影不离开

have sb in your pocket 驾驭(尤指通过威吓贿赂等手法)

have sth in your pocket 胜券在握

in/out of pocket 得到/损失钱财

e.g. That one mistake left them thousands of pounds out of pocket.

pocket sth 揩油;赚钱

e.g. He regularly charges passengers more than the normal fare and
pockets the difference.

* incumbent

n. 现任者 the president incumbent

a. 现任的 the incumbent president

a. 有责任的,必须实行 incumbent on/upon sb

e.g. It was incumbent on them to attend.

* But Wildpoldsried is still very much the exception, not the rule.

前以house exterior里面来一个:The Circular Pavilion is anything but
round, with the exception of its nearly 180 doorknobs.

* account for的几种意思,再强调一下。

A number of factors account for the differences between the two scores.

account for 30% of our imports 占…比重

The president and the president alone will account for his government’s
reforms. 对(行动,政策等担当)


把…列入预算 The really heavy redundancy costs have been accounted for.

杀死,消灭,打败 In the final they accounted for Brentford by three
goals to two.

* to date=by now=as yet

* robust 也发出许多用法。老规矩,常见义不说。说有些无见了的

结实的,耐用的 a robust piece of machine

(体制要单位) 强劲的,富有活力之 robust economic growth

不懈的,信心十足的= vigorous 

e.g. It was a typical robust performance by the Foreign Secretary.

还可以指味道强烈 a robust cheese

坚固的 a robust chair



还有一个不懈地。 They defended their policy robustly.

瞩目一下原稿的表达,robust prices也特别硬。

* perennial 长久的,持续的,反复出现的

the perennial problem of water shortage

a perennially popular subject

* hope springs eternal

e.g. I don’t think I’ll get the job, but hope springs eternal.

* affix: -wide 遍及…的,有关…全体的

economy-wide 全体经济之

* glut 供应过剩 a world oil glut


e.g. The region is glutted with hospitals.

Soldiers returning from the war have glutted the job market.

* again,名作动。这次是mask,应该十分熟悉了。=disguise, veil


* stark 嗯一看就想到House Stark

故就算讲了why starks are called Stark. Because the place where they
settle is so severe. 了随便修饰的,荒凉的,粗陋的 The house stood stark
against the winter sky.

严格的,赤裸裸的,真实而一筹莫展逃脱的 a stark picture of the prison life/a
stark choice残酷的抉择/stark reality

对比鲜明的 stark differences/in stark contrast to

全然的,十足的= utter 此时仅开定语 The children watched in stark terror.

We are starkly aware of the risks.

* 经济学类的词汇或者如熟悉。像slump猛跌,collapse这样的。to apply
instead of to recognise

* havoc 灾害,祸患,浩劫

Continuing strikes are beginning to play havoc with the national

These insects can wreak havoc on crops.

* write off

注销 write off Polish debts

认定…不重要;忽视 He is fed up with people writing him off because of
his age.

(发生碰后)车辆报废 write off four cars

裁撤(计划或项目) We decided to write off the rest of the day and go

* punch above your weight 以小搏大,超常发挥取胜

e.g. This player seems to be able to punch above his weight.

* 同样,注意这种优良的语言表达,不要给好之表述显得累赘。


deregulate 解除管制

* at first blush=at first sight

* play champions and roles

* standby

put on standby

处在待命状态 e.g. The emergency servuces were put on standby soon after
the bomb warning.

候补座位 e.g. He was put on standby for the flight to New York.

* capacity payment 容量费

* insulate 这个背了成千上万总体了吧,老是和insinuate搞混。

使隔离,使绝缘。 Home owners are encouraged to insulate their homes to
save energy.

假定免除(不欢的阅历);使免受(不良影响);隔离=shield e.g. The royal
family try to insulate him fro the prying eyes of the media.

* generator除了有发电机的意思,还可以象征电力企业。

* depress 好像至今为止对depress所有的印象还集中在depressed,

设萧条,使不景气 The recession has depressed the housing market.

降低(价格),减少(工资) depress wages/prices

遵循,压,推下(尤指机器部件)depress the clutch pedal 踩离合器踏板

* penetration 也是一个滞留于recognisation范围要非见面apply的词语。

prevent water penetration

the company’s successful penetration of overseas markets

* portfolio 常见义文件夹,不出口。

求职时用来证明资历的全照片,作品 You’ll need to prepare a portfolio of
you work.

入股做,有价证券组合 an investment/share portfolio 投资/股份结合

部长或大臣的天职,职务 the defence portfolio

portfolio of products 产品组合

a minister without portfolio (a politician who is given the rank
without being given the responsibility for any other particular areas of
politic activities)

* shy away from 畏避,回避

e.g. The newspapers have shied away from investigating the story.

* peg 常见义不谈。

假如工资、价格一定于某个水平 Pay increases will be pegged at 5%.

使工资、价格与…挂钩 Loan repayments are pegged to your income.

* buck 抵制,反抗

buck the trend of recession

buck the system 反抗现存体制

* 几独比生动的短语/词汇总结:

dry up e.g. thr private investment will dry up

they also eat into demand

it eats its own tail


feed e.g. feed surplus power from PVS into the grid

slash prices to win 这个坏生动啊,像砍价一样

doom e.g. doom the traditional utility

* death spiral 死亡漩涡

* take account of 考虑到

* package deal 一揽子交易

* bolster

bolster sb’s confidence/courage/morale

bolster sth up e.g. bolster up the economy

* liken sth to sth 把…比作

* scream blue murder 不歇叫嚷,鸣不平

* structure around marginal costs 边际成本是(利润)结构的核心

Day 9:

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Day 10:

I have to say it’s a pretty unintelligible article which on Day One I
strived to finish the vocabulary but failed against my wish. The
overwhelming jargons should be able to explain it on one side while the
economic analysis on the other.

Very much frustrated.

Still the learning goes on.

The additional reading looks like a much clearer and easier syllabus of
the intensive reading.

The principle problem should be that renewable energies are dragging the
prices of all sources down thus posing a dilemma.

What baffles people is that all the solutions we’ve come out serve a
long-term process instead of breaking the chain of this short-term

Some jargons:










marginal cost


hydroelectric plant

storage capacity

diesel generator

fixed-price contract




package deal


Very possibly I’ll never forget these words hhh

These days have been such an ordeal~~~

Day 11:

The two articles can distil down to that the kernel should be an
outdated energy market system which fails to cope with the penetration
of renewables. We may not depict the renewable energy as a disruptive
one, at least from my perspective, as the progress cannot and should not
be reversed.

But how to deter the trend where renewables constantly drag the prices
thus depressing the whole market?

The intermittency of renewables determines how future energy
infrastructure should be designed: a smart grid, an integration of
fossil fuel electricity and renewables. But let’s pull back from that
point for that we’re trapped in a short-term economic plight instead of
a long-term technological one for now.

Therefore due to the said problem within the system itself, it is the
government that should rack the brain to struggle for a solution. It has
been so long a time since the electricity market was deregulated. Now
the government should regain its power and make real reforms.

First subsidies for renewables should be curtailed step by step as we
can’t afford another plunge in prices. Second to resurrect the
electricity market a relatively high fixed-price contract should be
provided as a way to ensure profits, hence the incentive of investments.

In justification of emission control, customers who prefer a supply of
renewables should be rewarded, yet with subsidies but rebates in bills.
Bills should be structured with both renewables and fossil fuels as a
guaranteed service in case of a blackout. Customers are free to choose
the respective proportion of those two energy sources reflecting their
demands for guarantees. Theoretically, renewables will be the
fundamental while fossil fuels switch into a scarcity.