Vocabulary :

  1. A world turned upside down :  历史及闹只同名的英国民歌“the world
    turned upside down”,世界颠倒了

2.renewable energy : 可再生资源  : are natural energy sources
such as wind, water, and sunlight which are always available.

3.utility: N. A utility is an important service such as water,
electricity, or gas that is provided for everyone, and that everyone
pays for.公用事业

4.financed by: 由..提供成本之When someone finances something such
as a project or a purchase, they provide the money that is needed to
pay for them.

E.g. Government expenditure is financed by taxation and by

5.blanketed with :v. 覆盖,遮住、If something such as snow
blankets in area, it covers it.

6.Photovoltaic (PV)adj.光电池的 producing a voltage when exposed
to radiant energy (especially light)

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7.biogas: [不可数名词] gas, especially methane , that is
produced by dead plants and that can be burned to produce heat
沼气(由死亡植物产生的甲烷等可燃气体) generators: 太阳能发电机

9.pocketed:v. to earn or win an amount of money 挣;赚下

E.g. Last year, she pocketed over $1 million in advertising contracts.

10:subsidy:(pl. -ies)  [可数名词, 不可数名词] money that is paid
by a government or an organization to reduce the costs of services or
of producing goods so that their prices can be kept low
补贴;补助金;津贴  E.g.  to reduce the level of subsidy 降低补贴规范

11.surplus: adj. ~ (to sth) more than is needed or used

E.g. These items are surplus to requirements (= not needed) .

12.anathema:[不可数名词, 可数名词, 常用单数形式](formal) a thing
or an idea which you hate because it is the opposite of what you
believe 可憎的物;可恶的想法

E.g. Violence was anathema to them. 他们本着暴力深恶痛绝。

13.the fossil-fuel age =the fossil-fuel-era化石燃料时

  1. utilityrevenues: 公用事业收入, N. [不可数名词] ( also
    revenues [复数]) the money that a government receives from taxes or
    that an organization, etc. receives from its business
    财政收入;税收收入;收益Synonyms: receipts

15.incumbents:a person who has an official position 在职者;现任者

E.g.the present incumbent of the White House 现任美国总统

16:decabonise: vt.remove carbon from (an engine) 除碳

17.disruptive : adj.causing problems, noise, etc. so that sth
cannot continue normally 引起混乱的;扰乱性的;破坏性的  E.g. She had
a disruptive influence on the rest of the

18.poured: v. 涌向,流入, 在此为短语pour sth into sth : to
provide a large amount of money for sth 向…投入大量金钱;大量入股给
The government has poured millions into the education
system. 政府当教育上曾经投资数百万。

关联:pour sth out:  to express your feelings or give an account
of sth, especially after keeping them or it secret or hidden
毫无保留地发表情愫(或考虑等);表露无遗;畅所欲言  E.g. She poured
out her troubles to me over a cup of

19.pricey: adj.(pricier, priciest)   (informal) expensive 昂贵的

20.Robust:adj. (of a system or an organization 体制还是单位) strong
and not likely to fail or become weak 强劲的;富有生机之 E.g. robust
economic growth 强劲的经济提高

21.emissions trading scheme:

  1. hopes spring eternal 希望永远

23.perennial:adj.  continuing for a very long time; happening
again and again 长久的;持续的;反复起的  E.g. the perennial problem
of water shortage 缺水之一直问题

24. a revenue-neutral economy-wide carbon tax:收入中性经济宽碳税

25. marginal cost :N. the increase or decrease in costs as a
result of one more or one less unit of output 边际成本

In economics,marginal costis the change in the opportunity
cost that
arises when the quantity produced is incremented by one unit, that is,
it is
the cost of
producing one more unit of a good.






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28.intermittent: adj. stopping and starting often over a period of
time, but not regularly 断断续续的;间歇的  Synonyms :sporadic    
E.g. intermittent bursts of applause一阵阵的掌声 the doldrums: 意气消沉; 无精打采; 萧条; <口>意气消沉;

29.a vicious circle:恶性循环 e.g. His increasingly visible chagrin
sets up a vicious circle他的引人注目的遗憾引起了同样栽恶性循环.

30.deployment:deploy的派生名词。原V(formal) to use sth
effectively 有效地行使;调动

to deploy arguments/resources 用论据 / 资源

31.far-fetched : very difficult to believe 难以置信的;牵强的

E.g. The whole story sounds very far-fetched.

32.monopolies: the complete control of trade in particular goods
or a service that is controlled in this way 垄断,专营服务

33.splurge: n.v. an act of spending a lot of money on sth that you
do not really need. 乱花钱,挥霍 the pump : v. to encourage the growth of a new or weak
business or industry by putting money into it.

  1. stagnating : v. to stop developing or making progress

  2. vagary : changes in sb/sth that are difficult to predict or
    control . 奇思暇想,异想天开,变幻莫测

  3. notwithstanding: despite sth 虽然,尽管

**31-37 出自另一样首延伸文 “clean energy’s dirty secret” **


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eats its own tail”).

should be clear they have a problem and that the cause is not renewable
energy , but the out-of -date system of electricity pricing. Then they
should fix it.